Hi, I’m Kimberly

Kimberly Shukla Success CoachHi, my name is Kimberly, nice to meet you!

I am a Psychologist, certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Success Coach, and certified digital marketer for individuals who are ready to break through limitations and UNLEASH in life.

I started my journey as a Psychologist, but soon realized that I wasn’t as effective as I could be, and the passion had left me. Psychology as a whole deals with static models and people are not static at all. We are forever changing and evolving. We can’t just band-aid the problem, we must get to the root. The root begins with the individual thinking.

Along the journey to find my own self and transcend my limitations, I let my own desires and passions be suppressed in order to reap status quo “success”. I pushed and “effort-ed” my way through until I found myself getting chronically sick and nearly losing my life while on this path. My body knew before my mind that I was in the wrong story.

This was the WAKE UP call in my life. My soul was begging me to play a bigger game and step into my power, so I listened.

Today, I am a life and success coach virtually coaching individuals to reach their goals and dreams. Accomplishing true and lasting transformation requires an integrated process which engages mind, body, and spirit.

Success coaching assists you in identifying and clarifying your goals and dreams and then engaging and executing a plan of action to achieve them.

Let’s work together on tapping into your authentic voice, monetizing your soul gifts, and stepping into your full potential and power. I believe when we give ourselves permission to be our authentic selves, the rest falls into place..

Investing In Bettering Your Life Is The Greatest Act of Self-Love There Is!

Are you ready to step into your full potential and work towards acheiving Kimberly Shukla Success Coachyour goals and dreams?

It all begins when you book a FREE Discovery Call with Kimberly! Let’s get you headed down the path to success and fulfillment today!.