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Ascendu TV- The Divine Feminine Creatrix-The Stargate

The Stargate to All of Creation 

The divine feminine. Who is she, what happened to her, how to recognize the shadow side, and how to reclaim your power and step boldly forward into the world.

THe divine feminine is not only about women. The term is gender free. As within the angelic realm, the archangels and beings are androgynous. The same is true for all other dimensions and realities.

The divine feminine is sacred, sensual and beyond the realm of day to day living. It’s a route to the Higher Self and the healing of the soul.

We don’t treat the feminine as sacred. The feminine doesn’t even treat herself as sacred. Yet, the divine feminine energies are the healers of the world because they are capable of awakening the greatest force within themselves and within others: Love. There is no higher healing energy.

So what happened to the divine feminine? Why is she not emulated as a sacred being? It all begins with religions creating governments to control what people believe to be true. Atrocities have been going on since the beginning of Christianity. The feminine power has been muted to suit a patriarchal society. We are taught to favor the masculine over the feminine.

The feminine is taught by the media and society that she is weak. Yet, the divine feminine is the most powerful force in existence. The womb is the stargate to all of creation. Nothing would exist without the feminine energy. It is time for the divine feminine to rise up and reclaim her rightful position and power. It is time for the divine masculine to become a co-creator with the divine feminine. It is time to create a brand new paradigm around what it means to be feminine. We are not weak!

Let’s explore the divine feminine creatrix in today’s episode of Ascendu TV with Kimberly Shukla.

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