the divine masculine

Ascendu TV- The Divine Masculine vs The Distorted Masculine

The divine masculine. Let’s talk about how society has elevated the distorted shadow masculine, who the divine masculine truly is, characteristics of the divine masculine, and how to deprogram yourself.

It is the serious imbalance of masculine and feminine energies within us that are the fundamental cause of human suffering. It has steered us from living in a state of balance and harmony within nature and ourselves.

The divine masculine has been presented as being blood thirsty, arrogant, domineering, and destructive. This is the distorted shadow side. Divine masculine traits are not ones of domination and control. These are the egoic and toxic traits of distortion.

It’s humanity’s obsession with the divine masculine distorted energy that has weakened the feminine energy, allowing the masculine power to grow out of control and manifest this desire to want to prove that the masculine force is better than the feminine force.

The masculine energy needs the feminine energy. One cannot exist without the other. Together they are co-creators in this universe we live in. Religion has told us otherwise in an attempt to control the masses and continue this patriarchal society.

It’s not just the divine feminine who has been abused and enslaved within the patriarchal society. The divine masculine has been enslaved as well. Let’s break down the many ways the distorted masculine has been allowed to run free. And then we will talk about the true divine masculine characteristics and how you can begin today to shed the layers of your shadow self and step into your divine masculine power.

Grab a coffee and join Kimberly Shukla as we uncover the many ways the divine masculine has been traumatized and held in slavery so we can begin to heal and step into our true power, while elevating the collective consciousness around the globe.

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