Awakening Near Death Experience Talk with an Angel

Ascendu TV-Awakening- Near Death Experience And Talk With An Angel

The Awakening. Kimberly Shukla shares her near death experience, a talk with an angel, and what it all means for humanity.

As I was rushed into the hospital, my body slowly poisoning and killing me, I thought I was dead. I believed this was the end of my existence. And in that quiet, peaceful, nothingness, the larger than life Archangel spoke to me…

“What are you doing Kimmy? This is not who you are. You are a healer. Heal people. Love is the answer. Tell them. Create heaven on Earth. Be happy. It’s in you. Just love. Let it all go.” That was the Archangel’s message.

I was truly convinced for a long time that I wasn’t a healer, but an angel of death. I literally hated being me. I hated it even more when I said goodbye to my dad.

In my awakening and that near death experience, along with my talk with an angel, I learned the purpose of life. Why we’re all here on this planet. It’s not what you think. You’ve been spinning your wheeels for far too long. In this near death experience I was jolted out of unconsciousness and reconnected with my higher purpose and reason for being. It’s time for the rest of humanity to awaken to their purpose.

The purpose for all human beings is to create heaven on Earth. To wake up each day so in love with life that you are on fire! To stop wasting time and start creating the life you were meant to live. To resonate in joy, love, peace, and laughter every day you are here.

Join Kimberly on Ascendu TV as she becomes very vulnerable and shares her story of the awakening, a near death experience, and talk with an angel. What does it mean for humanity?

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