tantra and kundalini

Kundalini and Tantra- Angel or Devil?

There is a huge, untapped power inherent in all human beings. In tantra the power is called Kundalini shakti. This power can act either constructively or destructively.

tantra union

Our kundalini energy is situated in the sexual region and represents a hidden inner fire that comes with huge potential. This sexual force can either free you from the human condition or enslave you to it.

Tantra offers us many different ways of “waking up” and driving that kundalini energy.

As long as kundalini energy remains asleep, the individual person will be limited. Hatha yoga can also help to unlock the hidden kundalini and allow the Self to experience union with the divine to reach its final state.

Sexual contact through tantra can stimulate and wake up the dormant shakti energy. Sometimes the couple will experience this cosmic force spontaneously by converging their natural energies during intercourse.

Kundalini during tantric sex feels like an inner thrill, a “liquid fire”, hot and cold at the same time, like electricity, that lights you up, sets you free, and even stops the breath.

If kundalini is awakened and raised through a spontaneous sexual act, filled with passion and love, the couple will have the opportunity to experience things the ordinary person can’t even imagine.

Couples who follow tantra, kundalini is the cornerstone that helps them reach ecstacy and final freedom. Its power turns a biological instinct into aspiration in order to obtain transcendence. It’s the stuff that can make sex vibrant, authentic, healing, and full.

Tantra is the Tree of Life

Tantra and sacred sex are not only the fountain of life, it’s the tree of life. Pure love through the soul, heart, mind, and body, coupled with sex is magical.

In our society we’ve lost the purpose of sex, the connections we can build through it, and our ability to seek knowledge and understanding from it. In return, we simply get quick pleasuress, and we have come to think that sex is purely for orgasm.

Sex is meant to serve a higher purpose. Having sex to achieve orgasm and temporary pleasure is the same as doing drugs, binge eating, and being engulfed in our senses. It takes away from our connection to our soul.

One of the biggest impact on our attitude towards sex is pornography. Pornography websites receive BILLIONS of hits per year and are ranked among the most popular in the world.

The media also uses sex to sell ideas and products to us, and exposes sex to us at a young age. We see sex everywhere. No wonder people have a negative association to sex.

The Philosopher’s Stone

Semen and the brain are very similar in chemical composition. Both consist of the most phosphorous you can find in the human body, other than in your bones. The phosphorous in both semen and the brain are mainly in the form of lecithin, a phosphorous fat.

One of the methods used in tantra to conserve this chemical energy is to withdraw before orgasm, ensuring not to ejaculate and not spill the semen inside or outside the womb. This restraint transmutes the phosphorous contained in the semen through the central nervous system and up the spine to the brain.

the philosophers stone alchemy

This is the kundalini effect that gives rise to the chemical energy in the blood called phosphorous, also known as Lucifer and the Philospher’s Stone.

Uncontrolled sex takes human beings down to animal form. A sexual animal plunged into madness through their inability to control their animal appetites and the chemicals within their own bodies.

With controlled sex through tantra, phosphorous rises up the path of your centra nervous system, and up the spine, to the brain in order for the individual to see the light.

Tantra is Alchemy

Tantra is synonymous with true alchemy. Both tantra and alchemy seek to transform the individual into the ultimate fulfillment of human existence: a purified soul, an angel, Buddha, a Master, free of suffering and marked by spontaneous expression of pure and selfless compassion.

Through tantra and true alchemy, there is a handful of men and women who have become true alchemists. They learned how to conquer death, spontaneously generate priceless gems and metals, and cure incurable diseases. They were known for creating the Philosopher’s Stone: a magical item that can work miracles and bestow eternal life.

The science to develop the Philosopher’s Stone is the human temple: the soul.

All forms of Alchemy and Tantra are categorized into 3 types: White, grey, and black.

The white form looks to transform the impure into perfect purity, creating an “angel“.

The black form looks to increase desire, lust, pride, and power, creating a “demon“.

The grey form is a mix of the two, but it inevitably becomes black because the ego and desire are so heavy within the individual.

Tantra: The Return to God

Entering into the white realm of tantra requires knowledge. The method to return to God is not negotiable. There’s only one way to ascend.

As Jesus of Nazareth, the great Kabbalist and Alchemist said:

“Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat.

Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, wich leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Beware of false prophets who teach misleading doctrines, posing as enlightened beings, but inwardly they are revening wolves of the Abyss, wich come to you in sheep’s clothing.”

Matthew 7:13-15

In tantra, the body’s vital energies are the vehicles of the mind. When the vital energies are subtle and pure, one’s state of mind follows accordingly. By transforming the bodily energies, we transform the state of consciousness. -The Fourteenth Dalia Lama-

Tantric sex is the secret gate to Eden.


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