The truth about twin flame relationships

Ascendu TV-The Truth About Twin Flames From The Angelic Realms-Myths Busted

Prepare to be Awakened!

The truth about twin flames. Let’s dispel all of the misconceptions and illusions surrounding it. You’re going to get the bare truth from the angelic realms. It’s the complete opposite of what you’ve read online!

In the truth about twin flames, Kimberly Shukla talks about the misconception that there is 144,000 twin flames or individuals who are going to be saved. I’m going to really dive deep into who twin flames actually are and how to know the difference between a twin flame and a soul mate. I’m going to talk about the true purpose of twin flames- and it’s not what you think.

Mostly, within the truth about twin flames I’m going to open your eyes to why you’ve been fed so much BS about this twin flame phenomenon, and how to move forward from it.

True twin flames are not the ones creating videos on youtube talking about the twin flame journey, twin flame union or twin flame reunion. That’s ego trying to be recognized. Twin flames purpose here on the Earth is much more powerful and direct. We are the change makers. The Ascended Masters. We are here to help humanity heal from the damaged paradigms of society, religion, and institutions. We are here to fight corruption, greed, and injustice.

We are here to heal generations of family karma and show humanity a new kind of relationship that has never been seen before! We are here to show you the true path to ascension…. and it’s not what you’ve been told. You cannot ascend without us. Prepare to have your eyes and mind opened wide!

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