Turiya the God State

Turiya- The God State

Going Beyond Kundalini, Kriya yoga, and All Spirituality

In this article:

  • What is Turiya
  • Enlightenment
  • What is the Final Purpose of Spirituality
  • So again, what is turiya?
  • The Difference Between Deep Dreamless Sleep and Turiya
  • The So-Called Superconscious State

What Is Turiya?

Turiya is the highest potential a human being can aspire to achieve in this world. It is a state of being that reveals the truth of how enlightenment actually manifests in a self-realized human being.

Turiya is an ancient truth that has been long forgotten. It is the God state, and it’s time to dispel the myths and misinformation of what Turiya truly is, and how it’s different from all other states of being.

If the God state is the ultimate expression of a human being, then how does one achieve it?

To begin with, one must fully eliminate the ego. By letting go of the density of our habitual mental states, we can then embody the purest divine expression of our God state.

Regardless of circumstances, the whole of existence already resides within you, and you have everything you need to realize it.

Every human being exists as a fractal that emcompasses:

  • Everything you’ve ever done in every lifetime
  • Everyone you’ve ever known
  • Everyone you’ve ever loved
  • Every human being that has ever existed
  • Every enlightened being that has ever existed
  • Every ignorant being past and present
  • Every skeptic past and present
  • Every wise sage
  • Every saint
  • Every fool
  • Every murder
  • Every savior
  • Every scientist
  • Every act of love
  • Every genius
  • And every piece of life-changing wisdom

Everything and everyone that has ever existed since the beginning of time an beyond lies within every human being on this planet.

And because of it, every human being’s existence was meant to be a celebration of love. It is Turiya that makes that celebration possible.

But you will not get close to achieving it until you learn to stop believing that you are limited, temporary, and ego-centered. You are God. Embody that truth.


While many spiritual teachers would have you believe that there are different degrees to enlightenment, the truth is that there are no degrees to enlightment.

There are only degrees of this dualistic manifestation of Truth within our present relative expression.

True enlightenment will annihilate you and turn you into God. The waters of surrender and the fire of awareness merge, thus dissolving the ego and allowing your unborn Consciousness that hides behind “I” to shine through you, as you.

But the annihilation of you, the egoic Self, is too scary for most human beings. It requires one to face the deep recesses of the subconscious, all the stories you’ve held on to, all the disempowering beliefs you’ve bought into and owned as your own, and to strip it all bare.

This is why most people on the spiritual path use spirituality as a way to escape their lives in order to avoid facing their traumas and their problems. Because of this escapism, they end up retreating more and more into their egoic minds rather than going deeper into exploring their Consciousness.

What Is The Final Purpose of Spirituality?

The purpose of spirituality is not self-development or trying to achieve some ‘perfect’ personality. These are impossible.

The purpose of spirituality is wholeness. A union with the whole so that a human being never feels any kind of lack or desire, but instead achieves a permanent sense of happiness, peace, and completeness.

The realization of our true nature is the goal. It requires transcendence of this dualistic and materialistic world and the realization that there is no separatedness from divine. It’s the realization that we are deathless, immutable consciousness. That is the entire purpose of spirituality.

We transcend this world and realize that there is no difference between it and beyond.

Consciousnes has 2 parts of one whole. The unmanifested Absolute (Brahman) which remains the same, ever perfect, and ever fulfilled, and the manifested relative (Maya), which never remains the same, is always evolving and changing.

The manifested relative is a journey that never ends and is often neglected in spirituality.

The truth however, is that the unmanifested Absolute and the manifested relative are the same. They are both Consciousness.

We do not have to die in order to realize that God is us. Instead, we need to have this realization while living. To find it in our own inner depths and manifest it into our lives.

Human beings are all on a journey of awakening different facets of their consciousness. During which, long forgotten parts of our one believed identity are brought to the surface in order to realize the falsehood so we can realize that we are that which sustains the whole of manifestation- the calm ocean of unmanifested consciousness.

Regardless of the obstacles we may face, we have the priviledge of being part of the most auspicious journey in the universe. All of the sacrifices are nothing compared to the bliss of recognizing the true nature of who you are.

You are being led out of suffering to your birthright- the pure freedom of being God. This is the beginning and the end. The Alpha and the Omega.

So Again, What Is Turiya?

As human beings, we experience 3 main states: wakefulness, dreaming, and sleeping.

During wakefulness we experience the world, our memories, goals, likes, dislikes, feelings, thoughts, emotions, sensations, etc. We have an identity and a personality, and a story. We wake up, live our lives daily, and at night we sleep.

This waking state for the majority of beings (99%) is the state of ordinary consciousness. Their spiritual progress and realization occurs mostly in this state.

When you fall asleep at night, you dream. Even if you don’t remember any of your dreams, that doesn’t mean you didn’t dream. It just means you don’t remember them.

All minds dream when they disconnect from their physical body. Within the dream state you can experience the world, memories, goals, likes, dislikes, feelings, thoughts, emotions, sensations, etc (that you completely believe are yours)- just like in the waking state.

Within your dreams you have a “dream” personality, a “dream” identity, and a “dream” story. You can even wake up inside a dream, live your life, and at night (in the dream), go to sleep.

The dream and waking state are quite similar.

When you dream, everything seems perfectly fine to you. Only after waking do you realize how illogical or impossible the dream was. The dream state is the realm of the subconscious mind.

The 3rd state is deep dreamless sleep. We call this the “unconscious” state where there is nothing. The mind shuts off and one only experiences nothingness. There is nothing to be experienced.

But this deep dreamless sleep is actually rejuvenating because the individual consciousness is temporarily deactivated during this state. The ego is in suspended animation, as if it were hibernating.

While it seems like there is nothingness in this state, it is within this state that the unrealized being can momentarily recoil into Source, and experience unity with God. In this state, there is an abscence of the ego and mind. There is no spiritual progress in this state.

The Difference Between Deep Dreamless Sleep and Turiya

With Turiya, you retain full consciousness whereas you are unconscious during deep sleep. Therefore, deep sleep with awareness is Turiya.

Wakefulness has its limitations because it is a dualistic state that’s prone to suffering and dissatisfaction.

Turiya is how one duality is perceived without separation- as wholeness. You perceive the world as you, as Self, without separation, as if deep sleep merged with wakefulness. It’s a Wakeful Sleep.

It’s aware and present in absence. It’s the acknowledgment of the light of Awareness in the total darkness of nothingness, and the recognition of Existence in the realm of non-being. The state of deep sleep is fused with awareness, presence and light.

The So-Called Superconscious State

There is actually a 4th state. It’s often called the superconscious state of enlightened beings. Sahaja Samadhi, the natural state. This is the permanent state of beings who realize their true nature.

The main characteristic of this state is the absence of the sense of being a doer; the abscence of feeling like you are a separate entity from the rest of the world (egoless).

If enlightenment is the non-dual realization of the Truth, Turiya is the result of the download of that Truth into your body-energy-mind system. The download not only updates your operating system but also the hardware itself into a brand new super system.

The human being as a body-energy-mind system cannot download the Truth. After Self-Realization, what is downloaded is a godly operating system and hardware to replace the current ones. The update is the ongoing integration of Turiya into your life.

It possesses all of the godly qualities of love, peace, bliss, wisdom, completeness. It is the 4th state. This is Turiya. It is beyond the states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping- it transforms all 3 into the God state.

In this state, the individual mind is Being-Consciousness-Bliss; the Spiritual Heart. A human being is no longer a human being at all. Instead, it is a living reincarnation of the Divine. It is the highest embodiment of bliss and wisdom that a human being can achieve.

Individuals who have what we typically call “englightened experiences” do experience glimpses of the God state to some extent. Then their egoic self returns and superimposes itself on the bliss.

In the human world, Turiya only manifests in human beings through the “Transcendental I”. This “I” is not the ego-I because it does not suffer and it does not perceive anything as separate from itself. Instead, it experiences life as a continuous and unified presence of Oneness.

When we have integrated and embodied Turiya, our expression becomes totally transparent, fully divine, and acts according to our purpose in this world, and transmutes itself into the best possible instrument for that particular dance of life.

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